Doing Shopping Like A Local On Carmel Market

Doing Shopping Like A Local On Carmel Market
If you had only an hour to understand the culture of a certain country you would only need to visit one place - it's central market. Here you will learn how people communicate, what they talk about, what kind of music is popular, and of course what local food looks like. In Middle East, markets take a special place since unlike in big European and American cities, people here still go to the markets for regular shopping.

Tel Aviv's central market is called Carmel and it starts on Magen David Square. On Fridays, street musicians make their performances here. One place worth visiting here is Etrogman organic store. You have to try their natural mixed juices!
Путеводитель по рынку Кармель
Соки на рынке Кармель
On Carmel Market, you can buy almost anything: from food to clothes and homeware. Normally, the market open at 8 am. Try to get here before 10 am otherwise you will be jammed in the crowd of tourists and locals doing shopping.

At the first part of the market (the one that is closer to Allenby St) you can buy some cheap clothes, accessories, and kitchenware. Prices here are much lower than in stores.
Шоппинг на рынке Кармель
The central part of the market is devoted to spices, coffee, dry fruits, mixes for rice and salads, and bread. Look to your right when you move from Allenby not to miss a coffee shop called "Cafe on the Market". They sell great coffee from Colombia. Open each jar, smell all kinds of coffee, and choose what you like best.
Кофе на рынке Кармель
Another great cafe and coffee shop you must visit is called "Cafe Cohen". Its owner really loves opera, and every Friday from 1 pm until 1:30 pm he gives concerts for guests of the cafe. I really recommend visiting his show at least once.
Finally, the third part of the market is all about fruits and vegetables. If you have time check prices in several places to find the best deal. Take into account that the price tag often shows the cost of half-a-pack or half-a-kilo, so don't be surprised if you get charged much more than expected. The only way to avoid surprises like this is to ask directly the price per kilo.
Восточные сладости на рынке Кармель
There are also two stores that I recommend visiting: a cheese shop in the middle of the market and an organic store right next to it. The later is good for buying natural cosmetics (check such brands as Lavido and Avalon Organics), goji berries, organic peanut butter, oils, dark chocolate, tofu and other vegan food.
Специи на рынке Кармель
There is another coffee shop that I recommend you to visit. It's called cafe Tamati. Their soft tasty cappuccino goes perfectly well with their cookies. And of course you can buy coffee here to take home.
Новая кофейня на рынке Кармель
At the very end of the market, in front of the bus station, there is a store called "Oh, mama!". They sell typical Middle Eastern home food. So if you feel like trying something local that's the place for you.
Домашняя еда на рынке Кармель
That's all with shopping. Read the second part of this guide to find out what and where to eat on Carmel Market.

Carmel Market works from 8 am until 6 pm from Sunday to Friday.